Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis

ISBA has taken great care to ensure that all professionals listed in this directory have received the appropriate professional training and supervised practice in behavioural science, which includes Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) and other sub-disciplines that identify themselves as behavioural. We strongly believe that professionals who offer services to the public should be regulated by the appropriate statutory agencies. This is essential for robust public protection and to provide a pathway for those who experience poor service to access redress.  In the case of Health and Social Care services in Ireland, CORU is the appropriate authority to oversee regulation.

This directory has been created to provide the public with access to a comprehensive list of professionals who have undergone peer review.  While ISBA has made every effort to validate the qualifications and supervised practice of those listed, we cannot take responsibility for individual practices of our members. Should a complaint arise against a member of ISBA in relation to their practice, our Feedback and Complaints Policy Policy can be followed. 

ISBA also maintains an internal directory of ABA tutors and students, the internal directory is used by behaviour analysts to recruit tutors and students.   Those describing themselves as ABA tutors should be able to provide;

  1. Their ISBA membership number 
  2. The name of their supervisor
  3. Their supervisor must be listed on this directory

We would like to stress that we will continue to advocate that those who provide behaviour analytic services in Ireland are regulated by the appropriate regulatory authorities. This is essential to ensure that the public receives high-quality services from qualified professionals. 

In the interim, we strongly encourage all practitioners providing ABA or any service described as behavioural to register with either ISBA or The Psychological Society of Ireland’s Division of Behaviour Analysis. Similarly, we advise members of the public who are seeking any service describing itself as behavioural to access appropriately qualified professionals.  

ISBA’s Directory of Members provides ease of access to the details of individuals who have met a pre-established standard of education and supervised practice. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at