Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis

Developing PBS in Ireland: The ISBA Position Statement on Positive Behaviour Support

The Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis was created in 2021 to represent behaviour analytic professionals in Ireland and promote high standards in practice. 

Within ISBA, the Sub-committee on Positive Behaviour Support works towards the goal of supporting quality service provision of PBS in Ireland. In support of that goal, the sub-committee has written ISBA’s first Position Statement on Positive Behaviour Support, which outlines our understanding of how high-quality PBS can be delivered in an Irish context.

This event will:
1. Introduce attendees to the Position Statement
2. Provide opportunities for practitioners to assess how current practice aligns with the Position Statement
3. Generate discussion on opportunities for further practice developments in Ireland.
Learning Objectives
1. Participants will be able to describe the core content of the Position Statement on PBS.
2. Participants will evaluate the Position Statement and identify areas of alignment and misalignment with current service provision in Ireland.
3. Participants will identify one area where their current practice could be enhanced in line with the recommendations in the Position Statement.

A link to the PBS position statement can be found here.