Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis

ISBA representation for students

ISBA seeks to represent the interests of all students of behaviour analysis on the island of Ireland. ISBA is working in numerous ways to support students of behaviour analysis in Ireland. 

ISBA is transitioning current and prospective students of behaviour analysis from the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) supervision framework and formulating a national certification framework for students, recognised in the Republic of Ireland, aligned with the UK-SBA and other national organisations. This is still an ongoing process within ISBA and our partners. ISBA’s position is that Irish Behaviour Analysts, behaviour specialists or others who describe their work as behavioural and are working in health and social care should be included in the professionals listed in the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 and regulated by CORU (The Regulatory Authority for Health and Social Care Professionals in Ireland). Behaviour Analysts working in other settings (e.g. Education) should be registered with the relevant statutory authority. This is the best way to ensure access to regulated behavioural science in health and social care, education and other settings which behavioural science is provided to the public.  

ISBA will host networking and training events to enhance and promote the education and learning for all its members. As part of the ISBA community, you will be kept up to date on all matters relating to behaviour analysis in Ireland. In addition, you are invited to join a variety of sub-committees and special interest groups that will support your knowledge of behavioural science. 

ISBA recruits and appoints student representatives from various postgraduate courses in applied behaviour analysis on the island of Ireland. Students in Northern Ireland are welcome to join ISBA or the UK-SBA. ISBA seeks to adopt an approach which aligns closely with the UK-SBA and includes all communities. Student representatives will ensure that all current and prospective students have a voice within ISBA and will form an integral part of the development and progression of ISBA. 

ISBA provides reduced membership fees to support students joining ISBA community. Becoming a part of ISBA is a commitment to your future within the field of applied behaviour analysis in Ireland.

Membership for students

If you are a student and would like to become a member of ISBA, then you are eligible for membership with ISBA at a reduced rate. The current annual rate for students is €10.00. 

Membership for students means that you are affiliated with the national representative organisation for behaviour analysis in Ireland and agree to abide by the ethical standards for practice by ISBA. Student Membership is only available to those currently enrolled on a verified course sequence (VCS) and can prove the same. 

Ethical code of conduct for students

ISBA is currently creating an ethical code of conduct for Irish behaviour analysts that closely align with our national policies, values and culture, as well as incorporating a contemporary modern perspective of behaviour analysis in the Republic of Ireland. In the interim, ISBA advises all students of behaviour analysis to align their practice standards and ethical conduct within the field of applied behaviour analysis with the BACB framework, which can be found here Ethics Code for Behaviour Analysts’ (2022).

Supervision requirements for students

ISBA will develop supervision standards for Irish behaviour analysts. In the interim, all applied behaviour analysis students should continue to receive supervision. Your supervisor must demonstrate that they have met the requirements set out by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board, The Division of Behaviour Analysis (DBA) or the UK-SBA. You can search the ISBA register to find suitably qualified and experienced Behaviour Analysts. 

In partnership with the DBA, ISBA has developed a form for students and supervisors to record their fieldwork practicum hours. Students and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that fieldwork practicum hours are recorded on the form provided. A copy of the form can be found here.  Students planning on living and working in the US or Canada should continue to use the BACB supervision forms and administrative process.  

ISBA is a democratic membership organisation and relies on its members to be active in their professional and student communities. We encourage all students to actively engage with their elected student representative to assist ISBA with your future. 

On April 13th, 2023, we had an engaging meeting with students from the MSc courses in ABA at National University of Ireland Galway and Trinity College Dublin. A big thank you to the course directors for organising this event and fostering collaboration. You can find the recording of this session below.