Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis

People receiving ABA

Nothing about us without us. 

The governance of the Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis is supported and informed by an Experts by Experience (EE) Panel. Experts by Experience will have direct experience of receiving ABA from an appropriately qualified professional (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Charter Behavioural Psychologist or other with level nine or above training in ABA). An expert by experience is someone who has personal experience using health, mental health or social care services or who is a close relative supporting someone who uses those services. However, we recognise that many people have not had access to quality ABA services due to the unregulated nature of behaviour analytic services in Ireland. These people may have services which have purported to be ABA but were not delivered by an appropriately qualified individual; the views of these people are also valuable.  

Initially, the board of directors of the ISBA will support the development of the Experts by Experience Panel; however, as the panel develops, it will become a self-regulating division of the organisation. The board of the ISBA will therefore consider volunteers to the EE panel who have not had direct experience but have demonstrable interests in the ethical practice of behavioural science. The Experts by Experience Panel will elect their representatives, and these elected representatives will then commit to attending the Administrative Committee meetings of the ISBA. 

  • The EE panel aims to influence the types of behaviour analytic supports and services available and how they are delivered in Ireland.
  •  Members of the EE will be expected to liaise with other people being supported to gain insights into how the ISBA can best serve their needs.
  •  Members of the EE will be asked to raise awareness and promote the activities of the ISBA.  
  •  The EE panel will have an essential role in our communication and complaints policy with a defined role in managing complaints. 
  •  Members of the EE will be asked to bring a constructively critical view of the work of the ISBA and the practice of members of the ISBA.
  • The EE panel will support the development of mandatory training for all ISBA members.
  •  Members of the EE panel can elect their representatives. EE representatives elected by the community will be offered two seats on the administrative committee (the body responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation)    

To apply to join the Experts by Experience Panel, click here.