Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis

The Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis (ISBA) is the home of behavioural science in Ireland.  We are a scientific and practice community committed to setting and promoting high standards in behaviour analytic practice, education, training, research, service provision, and sharing information with the public.  

We strive to support our growing professional body, working in a range of disciplines, by providing opportunities for ongoing professional training, collaboration and education.

Our commitment is to promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in this rapidly growing field, and to advocate that Irish  Behaviour Analysts are regulated by the appropriate regulatory authorities.    

Above all else, we are committed to safeguarding all those who use behaviour analysis services in Ireland, by promoting safe and effective practice, advancing public accountability and providing a transparent platform for stakeholders and the wider community.

Our Objectives

ISBA will begin and maintain a register of Behaviour Analysts in Ireland who can demonstrate that they have obtained a standard of education and practice in behavioural science.   

ISBA will engage in activity to promote a contemporary human rights and evidence-based approach to behavioural practice, acknowledging that our science works best when it is applied to advance freedom and dignity with cultural humility and within ethical standards.  

ISBA will strive to create an atmosphere within the society which enables professionals to develop the competencies, confidence, kindness, resilience, humility and commitment to ongoing learning to work independently and within interdisciplinary teams providing interventions which uphold human rights and improve quality of life for the people we seek to support and those who care about them.

ISBA will share information on all aspects of behavioural science, including the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour,  Acceptance and Commitment Training and Therapy, Positive Behaviour Support, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Behavioural Economics, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Whole-Systems approaches.